Make the future of mobile gaming yours by trying one of our mobile game controller. Our gamepad enhance the way players move and shoot in their favorite mobile games by allowing the use of triggers and a well design grip.

Mobile game controller

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  • Mobile game controller
  • Sensitive triggers with no delay
  • Screen amplifier to enlargne the phone display
  • Furnished with a support to watch movies and videos
  • Adjustable size
$29.99 USD $59.99 USD
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  • Allow four fingers in games
  • Benefite from an integrated power bank
  • Cool your phone with the cooling fan system
  • Easy to set up
  • Supportive of all major mobile phone brands
  • Free shipping within 2 to 3 weeks
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 14 days money back guarantee
$11.95 USD $23.90 USD
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  • Specialized MOBA-simulated buttons layout and touchpad, designed for MOBA/FPS games
  • Extra Customizable buttons L4, R4 & L5, R5 at rear
  • High sensitive ALPS 3D left joystick with 255 levels linear movement
  • Built-in Smartphone holding bracket with max.150-degree angle
  • Built-in Remapper function. (So, package items no Remapper A2)
  • G-Engine Solves Games Compatibility
  • 12-month warranty for maintenance, 30-day warranty for return or replacement
  • Items are 100% new and original, come with one-year warranty
$69.95 USD $85.90 USD
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Gamepad with cooling fan system (PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire, Cyber Hunter...)
$14.99 USD $29.99 USD
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$11.99 USD $14.99 USD
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